Avatar theme park plans revealed

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Avatar movie poster
Avatar movie poster.

If you’ve ever seen James Cameron’s Avatar, the gorgeous world of Pandora makes Earth seem kind of lame in comparison. I mean, there’s glowing plants, friendly blue-skinned Na’vi, lush wilderness, and a life that seems so much more pure than our ultra-busy cities. Of course, humans come along to mess things up with pollution and greed in Avatar, but that’s not the case with the upcoming Disney theme park addition! Yes, you too can get ready to travel through the recreated world of Pandora in the expansion to Disney’s Animal Kingdom – AVATAR.

Just what kind of wondrous sights can you expect to witness as you travel the park? Floating mountains, a jungle of bioluminescent (glowing living creatures) plants, Banshees that you can ride, and more!

Although details are very hard to come by right now, it’s set to begin construction in 2013, and is estimated to take 5 years to complete. AVATAR will continue Disney’s focus on family-friendly entertainment, and if it does well at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, there’s a possibility it will be included at other locations.

Images courtesy of Disney Parks.