Badgers unearth ancient heroes

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Who knew badgers were such archaeologists?

As a group of badgers were digging a “sett” (the name for a badger den), two sculptors noticed a bone popping out of the dirt. Naturally, they were curious about it and wanted to know more. “We pushed a camera into the badger’s sett and took photos by remote control,” said Hendrikje Ring, one of the sculptors. “We found pieces of jewelry, retrieved them and contacted the authorities.” Apparently, they found the remains of 8 Slavic people, two of which were heroes! “He was a well-equipped warrior,” said Felix Biermann, an archaeologist from the Georg-August University in Gttingen, as he spoke about one of the two relics. “Scars and bone breaks show that he had been hit by lances and swords, and had also fallen from a horse.” Ha! I bet these badgers feel like heroes themselves for making such an extraordinary discovery.

Featured image courtesy of Felix Biermann, Georg-August-UNIVERSITÄT GÖTTINGEN.