Banksy art secretly sold for $60 in Central Park

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Banksy artwork
Hmm, what is the woman in this Banksy art sweeping under the… wait a minute! As you can see, Banksy always likes to combine a bit of mystery and thought-provoking material in his works.

Can you imagine passing by an old man selling some spray art for $60, then finding out the next day that the artwork was actually worth over $100,000? Some very lucky New York citizens picked themselves up megabucks, because world famous graffiti artist Banksy secretly sold his stuff in Central Park for just $60!

More than four hours passed before the old man (who was in on it with Banksy) made a sale, and his grand total for the day was $420 after selling eight paintings. As for the artist, the mysterious Banksy never shows his face, and even once asked for permission to wear a disguise at the 2011 Academy Awards where his documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop was nominated.

His artwork is incredibly famous, and also somewhat controversial, because it’s often in the form of graffiti on property that hasn’t given him permission to spray paint. We’d never recommend committing the crime of graffiti, but one thing’s for sure – some people in New York are kicking themselves for not snatching up those cheap Banksy pieces!

Images courtesy of Banksy.