Batman’s Gordon gets TV spinoff

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Gordon 1
In the comics, James Gordon wears a fedora and has a scraggly mustache.

Before there was Batman… there was James Gordon! You know, the police commissioner who calls the masked vigilante for backup whenever dangerous villains threaten Gotham City? Well, if you’ve ever wanted more backstory on the fearless cop, then DC is making your dreams come true!

Just yesterday, Fox nabbed the production rights from Warner Bros. to create Gothama live action series about James “Jim” Worthington Gordon. In the adaptation, he is still a detective with the city police department, and has yet to meet the caped crusader.

Before we get into the production details, let me answer the question you’re probably dying to ask. No, Batman will not appear in any of the episodes! Bummer, but I guess Fox is finally letting another Gotham hero rock the spotlight.

Currently, Bruno Heller (the creator of The Mentalist) is writing the script and executive producing. Fox also promises an entire series, but has not given immediate details such as an airing date. They did, however, pay a lot of money so that filming can start as soon as possible.

Now, it’s not the first time DC has expanded its franchise to the small screen TV! They’re already broadcasting the TV show Arrowand have plans for a Flash spinoff. Yep, if all goes according to plan then Grant Gustin, who was recently cast as the lightning-fast hero, will get his own series.

I’m not pushing for a crossover, but the possibilities are endless! The Green Arrow visiting Gotham and helping Gordon? Perfect.

Featured image courtesy of The Dark Knight Rises Facebook. Image of comic Gordon courtesy of DC on Wikipedia.