Betcha didn’t know electric cars were built for speed!

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Tesla Model S vehicle
Electric vehicles, like Tesla’s Model S, are becoming increasingly popular.

Which do you think will win a race: a sports car engineered for raw power, or an electric vehicle (EV) made to use as little battery energy as possible? With EVs like the Smart Car driving down the road, it’s easy to think of energy efficient vehicles as nothing more than pathetic remote-controlled toys, so the answer seems obvious. However, John Waters from the car company General Motors says people might just find EVs zooming along a racetrack in the near future!

“Experimental electric cars already have achieved sustained speeds of more than 180 miles per hour, and established world speed records above 300 mph,” Waters said. Wow, that’s faster than I ever would’ve guessed.

How is it that cars can get so much speed from just a battery pack? Well, they’ve undergone a ton of innovation in recent years. For example, researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee managed to create a high-tech lithium-sulfur battery that’s loaded with four times the energy in the same amount of space! Meanwhile, scientists from the University of Colorado, Boulder have doubled the range of EVs that run on lithium-ion batteries. That is, it can go twice the distance as before. If you put these two features in one battery, you’ve got enough power to last miles.

Plus, once more charge stations are erected around the nation, EVs can be just as popular – if not more desirable – than any high speed sports car on the street! “I have no doubt that battery-powered race cars will be attracting race fans in the immediate future,” said Water

Featured image courtesy of Al Abut on Flickr. Image of Tesla Model S courtesy of Tim Draper on Wikipedia.