Bieber’s abandoned monkey, Mally

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

Bieber’s up to his usual monkey business.

Justin Bieber’s 14-week-old pet monkey, Mally, is a capuchin monkey. Now, what you may not know is that these animals should not be taken from their mother at such an early age and that they need social experience with other monkeys. So, buying one so young and by himself without any of his kind to play with was never a good idea in the first place. Just like his snake and hamster, Bieber never seems to hold on to his pets for very long.

What’s even sadder for Mally?

Bieber’s not even interested in keeping the monkey anymore! He has abandoned his monkey at an animal shelter in Germany and owes thousands of dollars for its care.

The whole drama started when Bieber’s monkey was taken away by German authorities when he didn’t have the proper paperwork for the animal. If Bieber doesn’t produce the appropriate paperwork for the monkey, it becomes the property of Germany. It seems that he’s already made his decision, based on reports of his management team in New York contacting the animal shelter and asking them to find a “safe and sheltered place, or a zoo” for the animal.

While this may not seem like a big deal to diehard Bieber fans – “Beliebers” – it’s the little things that count. Especially when they’re innocent little things like Mally, the capuchin monkey. Not knowing how to take care of animals, buying them anyways, and then just leaving them in a shelter is never responsible. Before you or anyone you know decides they want to have a cat, dog, hamster, or monkey, make sure the animal will be taken care of with lots of love and proper nutrition. Don’t abandon animals like Bieber.