Biochips can be implanted into our bodies!

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

The implant is slightly larger than a grain of rice.

The company Dangerous Things spent last year raising funds for their product, the xNT implant – a chip that can be embedded into our bodies and serve a variety of functions. According to Dangerous Things, the chip is ready to ship to customers everywhere.

The xNT implant is basically a near field communication (NFC) device, which uses radio waves to communicate with other chips a few inches from each other. These tiny gadgets have a bunch of practical applications such as sharing data files, transferring data, and identification. The implant can also be used as a house key, a car security remote, and even as a light switch!

There are already many NFC chips in use around the world in products like smartphones and tablets, but the tiny xNT implant is the first one that allows customers to inject them into their own bodies without the aid of a trained professional. As these devices become more popular, they can inevitably be used in just about any way you can think of.

For example, Dangerous Things lists “print media smart advertisement” as a potential use for their xNT implant. This means that ads like electronic billboards will identify a specific NFC radio wave and change the advertisement accordingly. While ultra futuristic ads are far off in the future, xNT users will definitely have fun unlocking their cars with nothing more than a wave of the hand.

Images courtesy of Dangerous Things Facebook.