Bionic hand replaces lost limb with sense of touch

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

bionic hand feels
Researchers monitor the bionic hand.

Thanks to LifeHand 2, a bionic hand, people with missing hands can experience touch once again. The new prototype, meaning an early test version, was wired to 36-year-old Dennis Aabo Sorensen, who lost his natural hand in a fireworks accident 10 years ago. With the futuristic tech, he was able to feel objects and could even identify them while blindfolded.

Researchers from Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Britain, and Denmark studied his month-long use of the incredible technology, and are very hopeful about the device. While limb replacements already exist in the form of prosthetics, meaning artificial body parts, very few can create the sense of touch.

The LifeHand 2 combines robotics, computer science, and special nerve wiring to mimic life-like touch. Sensors the width of a human hair were implanted into Sorensen’s arm before being connected to the bionic hand. Then, the machine fingers send electrical signals that interpret the force of objects, triggering a sensation that feels similar to touch!

Images courtesy of LifeHand 2.