Blackhawks deliver wintry 5-1 defeat to Penguins

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

blizzard NHL
How can anyone see anything in that snow?

On Saturday night, the Chicago Blackhawks powered through what’s being described as some of the craziest weather conditions ever seen in an outdoor NHL game. Fighting against the Pittsburgh Penguins, who couldn’t seem to handle all the snow, Chicago won 5-1 in a rough match.

The puck struggled across the ice, slowed by the snow, which made it tough for the offense of either team to strike quicker than the defense. It wasn’t just the players braving frosty temperatures that fell below 20 degrees at times, either, because there were 62,291 fans attending the sold out game! Now, the Blackhawks are at 36-12-14 and the Penguins are at 40-16-4.

Featured image courtesy of Chicago Blackhawks Facebook. Image of snowy battle courtesy of Pittsburgh Penguins Facebook.