1,000 mph Bloodhound SuperSonic Car

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Bloodhound SSC vehicle
The Bloodhound SSC was recently outfitted with a jet engine.

Royal Air Force fighter pilot Andy Green wants to break the 763 mph world land speed record set in 1997, by driving the world’s first ever 1,000 mph car – the Bloodhound SuperSonic Car (SSC).

Five engineers worked 8 hours to outfit the Bloodhound SSC with an EJ200 jet engine, which is usually used in Eurofighter Typhoon jets. Chief Engineer Mark Chapman expressed, “This is a fantastic moment in the project. It’s great to see the jet engine fitted, it validates the many years of hard work by our team of motor sport and aerospace engineers.”

Green will make his world record attempt in the South African desert, where he’ll drive the Bloodhound SSC around a custom 12-mile track.

Images courtesy of the BLOODHOUND project.