Blue Devils beat Badgers for 5th NCAA championship

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

Coach K
Will “Coach K” one day beat the “Wizard of Westwood”?

March Madness has come to an end, as the Duke Blue Devils defeated the Wisconsin Badgers 68-63 in a fierce championship game.

Had Wisconsin won, it would have been their first victory since 1941, so you can bet that Badgers fans are feeling awfully disappointed!

As for Duke, it was their first win since 2010 and their 5th time being crowned. They didn’t land those final points easily, though, since they fell behind 48-39 with 13:23 on the clock in the second half.

The Blue Devils then made a major push, outscoring the Badgers 29-15. That rallying comeback even included a 10-0 run that flipped a 58-56 into a 66-58 when there was just 1:22 left!

With five titles now under his belt, Duke’s Coach Mike Krzyzewski is second only to the legendary John Wooden. That’s not to say Wooden’s mammoth record of 10 titles at UCLA is in danger of being beaten any time soon. Still, some are already calling Krzyzewski this generation’s Wooden.

Featured image courtesy of NCAA Facebook.