Blueberries cure those blues

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

single blueberry
I just want to pick that blueberry from the computer screen and pop it in my mouth!

Mmmm-mmmm, boy do I love blueberries. The tiny fruits are flavorful and easy to eat! Lucky for me, they’re also considered a healthy super-fruit.

First of all, just one cup of the fruit has all the antioxidants you need for the whole day! Why does this matter?

Our digestive system sometimes produces chemicals known as free-radicals, which can damage our precious cells. Antioxidants bind to these chemicals to destroy them. Woo-hoo! The health benefits don’t stop there, though.

A single cup contains about 25% of your recommended daily value (DV) of vitamin C, which comes in handy when your body needs to repair a cut.

Not impressed yet? The same cup is filled with 14% DV of fiber – a carbohydrate that cleans the intestines and makes you feel full – so they make a great afterschool snack. Don’t worry about overloading on these fruits and getting plump either, since a single cup only contains around 100 calories!

Overall, regularly popping the marble-sized berries in your mouth has been linked to many health benefits. They can improve memory, reduce the risk of cancer, protect against heart attacks, and make your taste buds smile! Okay, maybe that last fact only happens to me. If one thing’s for sure, I never forget to put them on my mom’s grocery list!

Featured image courtesy of Jeff Kubina on Wikimedia. Single blueberry image courtesy of Jakemaheu on Wikimedia.