Blushing builds trust, so let that blood flow

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

blush cheeks
Makeup can fake a blush, but it’s the natural kind that works best on building trust.

If you’ve ever made a fool of yourself or felt embarrassed, your cheeks likely blushed bright red. Why do our cheeks go out of their way to become all rosy when we’re emotional?

Well, as bashful as that blushing might make you feel, research shows it’s actually likely to make people trust you more.

See, we can hide all kinds of emotions behind fake smiles or nodding our heads, but blushing is as close as it gets to physically showing emotion beyond our control.

Blood rushes to our cheeks, giving our hearts away, and this physical response actually evolved from the human need to build bonds with one another.

According to a recent study, people actually prefer those whose cheeks are rosy, because on an instinctual level it translates to trustworthiness.

So, next time you’re feeling ashamed of your flushed cheeks, just remember that people are more likely to be on your side as a result!

That being said, if you’re reaching for the makeup kit to add blush, take it easy – it’ll never be the same as the natural stuff.

Featured image courtesy of Nicola Romagna on Flickr. Image of blush makeup courtesy of Courtney Rhodes on Flickr.