[Book Review] The Fault in Our Stars

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

The Fault
The novel that has inspired millions.

John Green has crafted a name for himself by writing young adult novels that manage to break the hearts of all ages and genders. No page-turner better demonstrates Green’s dramatic style than The Fault In Our Stars (TFIOS), which is being adapted as a film for release this June 6. In fact, the content of the book is so beautifully written that you can easily step into the main character’s shoes. Whether or not you’re willing to take on her troubled life and inevitable heartbreak, however, is up to you, but it’s totally worth the journey.

Hazel Grace Lancaster is a 16-year-old only child who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 thyroid cancer. To make matters worse, she is also told that a cancerous growth has started to form on her lung. At the beginning of TFIOS, Hazel’s mother suspects that she’s depressed. To get her out of the house, she sends her to a cancer support group where she meets the handsome and charming Augustus Waters.

From the get-go, Green builds a strong female lead that instantly pushes the reader to root for her. Hazel’s witty personality, thirst for life, and intricate thought-process on the world’s misfortune really makes for a pleasant read. Each chapter gives us a deeper insight on her dwindling happiness, and how the idea of death affects her mentality. You won’t want to put the book down, because every word uttered out of Hazel’s mouth is either tear-inducing or laugh worthy.

Now, while I personally adored Hazel, Augustus is another story. Shy of being a little too perfect, Augustus comes off as the boy who got an A++ in English class and never lets anyone forget. Okay, his metaphors are cute and motivational—especially when you realize both these teenagers have fought tooth and nail against a deadly illness—but I don’t know many 16-year-old boys who are that ultra-wise and metaphor-happy.

That isn’t to say he completely destroys the story, because he doesn’t. He’s actually extremely charming and endearing in Hazel’s presence. Together, they manage to forget the inevitable blackness that awaits them at the end of the tunnel, and find love. The trickle of hope they spark in readers is genuinely what keeps you hooked; you don’t want to stop reading solely because the idea of them getting their happy ending is so strong.

If the star-crossed lovers theme isn’t your cup of tea, then pick up TFIOS for its phenomenal writing and inspiring female lead. Our final verdict? A.

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