Brady Bunch’s “Alice” actress, Ann B. Davis, dies

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Alice maid
Ann B. Davis was just as lovable and witty in real life as her character Alice was in the show.

Ann B. Davis, the 88-year-old actress beloved across America as the housekeeper “Alice” on The Brady Bunch, passed away on Sunday. She fell and hit her head in the bathroom on Saturday morning and never regained consciousness, but friends and family are grateful she lived a long life.

Always dressed properly in a white apron over a light blue maid’s uniform, Davis’ character Alice held the Brady family together on the show with her humor, loving devotion, and strong will. In the classic TV program that ran from 1969 to 1974 for 5 seasons and 117 episodes, widowed father Mike Brady marries Carol Ann Martin, joining his three sons to her three daughters in a big ol’ stepfamily.

The teens go through some awkward adjustments, since the boys and girls aren’t related, and Alice proves critical in keeping the peace. Although her character cooked and was great with kids, Davis confessed she wasn’t a fan of the kitchen in real life and claims she didn’t do well with children. However, she was known for her good works in the community and her sister says Davis was a great aunt.

“What you see on ‘The Brady Bunch’ was who she was,” said close friend Bishop William Frey, who broke the news about her death. “She was a very faithful Christian person.”

Images courtesy of CBS.