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6 Fun Brand Workshop Exercises

Continue doing this until you’ve arranged all ideas as a “spectrum” with most popular ideas to the extreme left, the least popular Online Accounting ideas on the extreme right. Once everyone has chimed in, work with the group to arrange the notes as a “range” of ideas.

  • You can’t possibly begin to utilize your organization’s brand if you don’t understand its underlying emotional associations.
  • Fast Company wrote a fun article about this one, with a lot of photos from the day.
  • Compare these adjectives to see if any specific ideas have been repeated, and use those as a jumping off point for the voice.
  • Get to know each other games and team ice breakers are a great way to begin, especially with a new group.

This ice breaker helps explore different viewpoints about a common challenge, before starting the meeting. Each employee shares three statements about themselves – two true, and one false. Then, everyone tries to guess which is the lie by asking questions. Try to find out as many details about the statements as possible and watch the speaker’s reactions closely. The whole point is to learn facts about your peers while inserting an element of mystery. to create an activity that you could return to throughout a meeting.

Once the ball is being thrown around at a fairly brisk pace, you can introduce another imaginary ball and start throwing it. When the group gets proficient at it, you can have three or four balls in play. Another classic among ice breakers for meetings, Sound Ball deserves your attention. Divide players into several groups and have each team come up with an idea for a movie they want to make.

Dont Know Which Team Building Activity To Choose?

If you want to get a better handle on your brand, clear a morning and get a bunch of people in a room. Invite people from a variety of departments – not just marketing – to get new perspectives.

The aim of this fun game is that someone who is sitting in the outer circle must grab the treasure from underneath the chair without the person who is sat on top of it noticing. A difficult team building activity to win is an activity called don’t smile. Another activity, often used in interviews, but can also be used as a team building activity is the island analogy. ‘ is another team building activity that allows employees to get to know each other in more depth.

Then after a minute or so the facilitator gives a signal and participants switch partners, and may switch quotes as well if they’d like. This can continue for 4-5 rounds for around 15 minutes.

How Do You Make A Virtual Meeting More Fun?

The Tree or Bob Ross game mechanics are similar to 20 Questions or Eye Spy and other virtual team builders. To start this virtual activity, one player chooses an identity, which can be anything from an object to a concept. On a road trip to Canada, one friend chose to be a small rubber ball. Explore your imagination and feel free to choose really difficult identities.

6 Fun Brand Workshop Exercises

You’ve heard the phrase that people buy from those they know, like and trust. But do you KNOW why people know, like and trust you?

Creative Exercises That Are Better Than Brainstorming

Give them imaginary backgrounds (“X is the founder of ABC Clothing and the owner of a major NFL team”). You can also give them an imaginary pool of money to invest in pitched ideas. Seeing your project or business’ success featured in a magazine is the high-point of any organization. This creative exercise helps your team members think big and visualize their future success. Ask them to create a magazine story, filling in each template and focusing on the project or business. Divide all players into teams of 2 to 4 players – basically, what you would see in a team of startup co-founders.

This a simple icebreaker activity energising participants, also suitable for debriefing learning points towards spontaneity and teamwork. Bang is a group game, played in a circle, where participants must react quickly or face elimination. One person stands in the middle of the circle as “the sheriff”, pointing at other players who must quickly crouch while those on either side of them quickly “draw”. A good activity to generate laughter in a group. It can also help with name-learning for groups getting to know each other. For this game, you have to have quick reactions or you’ll be eliminated. Have everyone stand in a circle with one person in the middle as the ‘sheriff’.

Each team member says three truths and one lie about himself. Team members have to guess the lie out of the four statements. Try to tape opposing pairs on people with opposing personalities, cash flow though this is isn’t necessary. On any team, you’ll have people with different personalities. But sometimes, these different personalities actually have things in common.

6 Fun Brand Workshop Exercises

You can make the team composition the same as your real-life office teams to focus more on the team identity aspects of this activity. In this building-focused game, teams have to create a copy of a pre-built structure based on a “sneak peak”. Teams will have to value teamwork, communication and problem solving to succeed. If there are more people, you can create additional teams (don’t forget to split the puzzle to match the number of teams). A quick and easy game that can be played with small teams with zero equipment.

Create An Agenda

Depending on how adventurous everyone’s feeling (directly after skydiving, perhaps?!), your team might like the idea bookkeeping of a rafting trip! Plenty of places around the world are suitable, including many American rivers in most states.

You can be as creative as you like, but the general premise is to hide objects , and either present a set of clues or just let everyone go off and hunt for these objects. Provide a list of the items you’ve hidden, and a 6 Fun Brand Workshop Exercises time limit. Split everyone into teams of 4 or 5, and get hunting. At The Next Web, it’s mandatory to play Pokemon Go! That’s because it gets all of the staff outside for 30 minutes a day, chatting and building rapport.

Likewise, games are a brilliant way for people to learn without even realising it. This could be ‘Generation Game’ style tasks, puzzles or riddles, crosswords, memory games or ordering tasks – anything that focuses the attention. You can even do it against the clock for extra excitement. On the day of your training or workshop, kick off by giving a brief overview of what attendees are going to learn and how those skills will help them achieve their goals. So, set aside those snore-inducing lectures and make your events fun and interactive by following these 9 tips . The big advantage of brain-writing is that it makes sure everybody is given the opportunity to have their thoughts and ideas thoroughly considered by the group. This avoids the loudest or most extroverted people unintentionally dominating the sessions.