Catchers getting hit in the head one too many times

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

The disabled list in baseball is showing a disturbing trend towards concussions – a mild brain injury that occurs when you get hit in the head too hard. Of the 18 times this season that baseball teams have used the disabled list, 10 of them were catchers! When the Detroit Tigers activated catcher Alex Avila after he’d missed 16 days from a brain injury, they outfitted him with a heavier, more padded mask. Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski believes other catchers should do the same. “We used to have such a low risk of them getting hurt — they barely felt it,” Dombrowski said this past Monday. “Nowadays, we have the light masks, and there have been increases in velocity and ball movement. More foul tips are going back.” He explains, “(A heavier mask) is not ideally what you want to have. But it’s something you look at.” Catcher David Ross of the Boston Red Sox disagrees, however, saying, “I’m not sure if that is the answer. Football players wear heavy masks, and they still have lots of concussions.”

Featured image courtesy of Keith Allison on Wikipedia.