Catching a fish inside of a shark inside of a bigger shark!

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Have you heard of a “turducken?” It’s a popular dish that consists of three types of poultry: turkey,duck, and chicken! First, chefs take a de-boned chicken, then put it inside of a de-boned duck. Then both are stuffed into a turkey! Geez, that’s a lot of meat! According to the Food Network, it can take around 14 hours to cook. If only there was a faster way to make the food! What if a live duck eats a whole chicken, and then gets eaten by a turkey?

Well, I don’t know  about using birds, but researchers from the University of Delaware caught a seafood version of the turducken! You see, they were fishing for a certain 10-foot-long sand tiger shark they studied before. In order to tempt the shark to take a bite, they lured it with a tasty menhaden fish – which grows a maximum of 15 inches  – and cast it into the water. Before the beast had a chance to taste the menhaden, a 3-foot-long dogfish shark ate the fish!

However, the sand tiger shark didn’t let that stop him from enjoying the meal. Instead of swimming away elsewhere to hunt for food, the bigger shark ate the smaller shark! When the researchers pulled up the fishing pole line, they ended up with a fish, inside of a shark, inside of another shark!

“The dogfish was about 3 feet long and completely swallowed by the sand tiger shark,” states a post on the university’s Facebook page.

Okay, so that’s a menhaden… inside a dogfish shark… inside a sand tiger shark. Is it fair to call the combination a “mendiger?” Whatever you choose to call it, I bet it would take more than 14 hours to prepare!

Featured image courtesy of University of Delaware.