Celebrities getting launched into space?

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

moon pic
The moon may seem huge, but it’s actually much smaller than the Earth!

Have you ever looked up at the moon and wondered how different life would be if Earth wasn’t our home? Just imagine… instead of wearing your favorite jeans outside, you’d rock a high-tech space suit and helmet!

Now, while living permanently on the moon isn’t possible just yet, Sony Pictures Television (SPT) is launching its own temporary space mission!

SPT and the Dutch company Nederland 1 are creating a reality TV show called Milky Way Mission that will feature 10 celebrities duking it out for a seat on the next intergalactic flight! I guess that explains why we call them stars, right? Well, sadly, the show isn’t American, so we can count Angelina Jolie and Zac Efron out!

Anyways, each week the contestants will participate in physical and mental challenges. Wow, do we even want to know the intense situations they’ll be in? If it’s anything like the space movies shown in class, then we can assume it’ll be scary and fast-paced! The first “easy” rounds will be extreme underwater challenges, while the final space simulation activities will take place at the actual launch site. I’m a little squeamish, so hanging inside a no-gravity zone is a recipe for disaster! Oh no, I think I’m starting to look green…

Okay, let’s ignore the color of my face and talk about a fun fact: the original title was Dancing with the Stars until the producers realized it was taken! Seeing celebrities tango on the moon’s surface? Now, that’s a show I’d rush home and watch!

Images and video courtesy of NASA.