Celery and artichokes tackle cancer

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Do you find artichokes disgusting? No? I do. Well, artichokes are one of the many plants that contain molecules known as flavonoids. While they don’t make plants grow, the chemicals do fend off plant-eating predators called herbivores by making the plant harder to digest or toxic to eat. Well, according to studies from the University of Illinois, celery, artichokes, and herbs all contain certain flavonoids that can kill cancer! When the research team took cancer cells and treated them with the molecule, several cells died.  “If you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables throughout your life, you’ll have [a lot of] exposure to… flavonoids, which would certainly help to reduce the risk of cancer,” noted Elvira de Mejia, a professor of food chemistry and food toxicology at the university. If you find celery a bit bland, or artichoke too nasty to choke down, just know, it’s all worth it in the end!