CES 2014: Day 3 highlights

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

BMW i3
The electric BMW designed for city drivers.

As was to be expected, the third day at the annual Consumer Electronics Show brought tons of interesting and wacky gadgets. If you’ve already checked out some devices from the first 2 days, here’s some more cool tech you might want to know about.

The first one on the list is not designed for humans at all, but rather their four-legged barking buddies instead. Tech company i4C Innovations designed their new product Voyce for dogs! Essentially, the gadget goes around a pooch’s neck like a collar and measures different things like daily calories burned, heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing. The gadget is able to connect to computers and smartphones, so pet owners can keep track of their pet’s health and daily activities. Even though similar fitness tracking devices are already available for people, something tells me we’re going to have a hard time getting off of the couch…

…because a new wave of TVs are among us, and they are bigger and brighter than ever before! Samsung revealed two of their brand new curved Ultra HD TVs. The Samsung Curved UHD TV is an 85-inch set, and as the name implies, it is slightly curved for effect. Meanwhile, the Samsung Bendable 105-inch UHD TV is flat, but a simple press of the remote button will make it transform into a curved shape. Both sets are expected to be released in the US by this year, but company representatives did not mention how much they would cost. Since the 105-incher started in South Korea at $150,000, though, you might as well just invest that much into something like a car…

…and why shouldn’t it be the new BMW i3? This all-electric vehicle can travel up to 100 miles before needing another charge. The i3 will be released sometime in May and start at about $40,000 dollars. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, the car is also app-enabled, so a person with a smartwatch can control basic functions from their wrist like unlocking doors.

If I’m doing the math correctly, that means one bendable UHD TV in South Korea can get you 3 of these electric cars, and you’ll still have thousands left in spare change.

Featured image courtesy of Samsung on YouTube. Image of BMW courtesy of BMW.