CES 2014: Smart jewelry tech

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

smart jewelry
Smart jewelry can be convenient, classy, and possibly quite useful.

While the annual Consumer Electronics Show is a place for companies to show off how they’re expanding the limits of technology, smart jewelry from the company CSR is pushing hard into the wearables market.

The high-tech jewelry comes equipped with Bluetooth Smart – software that connects low power devices to tablets and smartphones. The tech is designed to blink, vibrate, flash, or change colors when a person’s smart gadget receives a notification. A small battery inside of the device powers the pendant-styled gear.

“Many of the wearable technology devices hitting the shelves today offer great features but don’t take into consideration that consumers want beautiful, cutting-edge devices that complement their personal style,” says Paul Williamson, Director of Low Power Wireless at CSR. “If wearable technology is to reach its potential it needs to appeal to more than just technology lovers.”

These zany devices can be more than the latest fashion trend, though. The smart jewelry might be used in the medical field. Say a person has an app on their smartphones that tracks fitness. If their heartbeat, blood pressure, or blood sugar levels get too low, the wearable tech would quickly alert the person or another family member. Williamson says the piece of technology is only limited by our imagination and explains, “Devices like these connected pendants will help wearable tech go mass market.”

Images courtesy of CSRplc on YouTube.