Chile eliminates Spain from World Cup

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

Last year’s champions, Spain, fell hard at the World Cup. Even the most diehard Barcelona fans shook their head in embarrassment, as Chile conquered the once unstoppable team 2-0 on Wednesday. Of course, that wasn’t nearly as bad as the 5-1 pummeling that Spain took when Holland obliterated them last Friday. It’s safe to say that it’s been more than a rough week for Spain, and that everything from the players to manager Vicente del Bosque will need to be reexamined. Despite the mega talent of players like Xabi Alonso, Andrew Iniesta, and Iker Casillas, Spain followed in the footsteps of past fallen powerhouses, failing badly like Brazil in 1966, Italy in 1950 and 2010, and France in 2002. Now, Chile will face off against Holland in the upcoming knockout stage.

Featured image courtesy of FIFA World Cup Facebook.