China lifts ban on video games

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

China leader
China’s Prime Minister, Li Keqiang, fully supports the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

In 2000, the Chinese government banned game consoles because they were concerned it would negatively impact children. Many parents feared that their kids would waste their time playing instead of studying. Now, China is lifting its 13-year ban on the production and sale of video game consoles! In the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Microsoft and BesTV New Media Co., a Shanghai Media Group, will develop family-friendly games that have to pass content inspections before being released.

See, China wants to make more money by trading with other countries around the world! What better way to bring in the cash than with one of the biggest industries today? Yep, that’s right… video games. “It’s vital that the local government take risks,” said Zhou Dewen, head of a small business association in Wenzhou, China. “Shanghai needs to make full use of whatever powers are given to them by the central government.”

Unfortunately for China, video games weren’t the only things blocked! The government also restricted its residents from going on Facebook and Twitter. So, when news broke out about Shanghai’s Free Trade Zone, many believed they could browse various social medias without any restrictions. However, China’s official news site, People’s Daily, confirmed that people would not be allowed access to Facebook, Twitter, the New York Times, and other entertainment websites.

Now, how often do you find yourself switching in between web browser tabs, going from Facebook to Twitter? If you’re anything like me, then probably very often! How else am I supposed to ignore my studies? Well, anyways, I can’t imagine living in a world where browsing the internet freely isn’t allowed! Then again, maybe that’s just me needing to go outside more…

Featured image courtesy of SF Brit on Flickr. Image of Li Keqiang courtesy of Magnus Manske on Wikipedia.