China recruits monkeys to defend its planes

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

China monkey
The soldiers certainly seem to be getting along with the monkeys.

China has been busy keeping its military planes safe from other two-winged foes in the sky. No, they’re not worried about enemy planes striking from above. The People’s Liberation Army Air Force is defending itself from birds, by hiring monkeys to shoo them away!

See, the military base is in northern China, which also happens to be a major place for migrating birds to fly around and nest. However, one of the feathered creatures can easily get caught in the engine of a plane, hurting both itself and potentially the passengers onboard.

So, soldiers spent countless hours trying to keep the feathered fiends away, but no matter how many gunshots and bamboo sticks they used to take down nests, the birds kept coming back. With the newly enlisted monkeys, though, the military will have no problem keeping the birds out once and for all.

Why monkeys you ask? For one, they are very good at climbing the tallest trees and accessing hard-to-reach nests, whereas a soldier can only do so much on a branch with a bamboo stick. However, the best part about having monkeys on the team is that their scent is repulsive to birds, so once they take the nests down, the birds are much less likely to return.

Images courtesy of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force.