China’s internet suffers largest hacking attack ever!

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Can you imagine opening a computer’s internet browser, only to find nothing worked? It’s a daunting thought, huh? I’m sure your first instinct would be to check the modem, or maybe call Time Warner Cable to see if it’s down yet again. Well, if you were in China earlier this week, the problem would have been far more serious! Its world wide web crashed at 2am, and wasn’t properly restored until 10am! I know many of my friends, who love to surf the net during their last days of summer break freedom late at night, would feel completely lost without it for 8 whole hours. Officials from the Chinese government claim that this is the biggest cyber-attack they have ever suffered, and estimate that 32% of the nation’s internet users couldn’t get online. The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) doesn’t know who is responsible for the attacks, but security experts suspect an organized group of hackers are to blame. Wow, imagine not being able to access Clubhouse News for 8 hours? Oh, the horror!

Featured image courtesy of Rock1997 on Wikimedia.