China’s “Legendary” relationship with Hollywood

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

We all know Hollywood, California is basically the most recognized movie-making place in the world. However, did you know that China has been increasingly on the rise in recent years with its film efforts. Filmmakers in the US are paying extra attention to the Chinese market, because it’s now the second-largest movie moneymaker in the world.

iron man 3 china

See, it’s now no longer enough for them to think, “Will this be enjoyed by audiences in Los Angeles and New York?” They need to start throwing in names like Lanzhou, Beijing, and Hong Hong. Now, don’t you worry about your favorite series being turned into something different just to win over Chinese filmgoers, because guess what? They like the stuff we’re already making. Around 60 percent of their market is from foreign films (like ones made in the US).

However, what are popular are big special effects movies like “Transformers”, so you might see an increase in sci-fi or action films. Then again, have Americans ever been shy about lining up for big-budget special effects movies? Not at all!

Most recently, the state-owned China Film Group has teamed up with Legendary Entertainment – the Hollywood studio behind movies like “The Dark Knight” and “Inception” – to create global movie blockbusters. In the coming months, their projects will be announced, but they’re promising mega epics that will grab everyone’s attention and cash!

Some companies are even going out of their way to add extra scenes with a focus on China. Disney, for example, won approval on May 3rd to release an Iron Man 3 in China with extra scenes, like footage featuring the popular Chinese actress Fan Bingbing.