Clubhouse TV Roundup: Superheroes

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Despite Ben Affleck’s Batman casting (which caused a lot of backlash, or should we say Batlash?), he isn’t dedicating all his time to proving the haters wrong. Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Affleck will direct and produce The Middle Man, a crime drama set in 1960s Boston, for Fox. The Middle Man is about an FBI agent and his relationship with an Irish-American gangster who helped him take down the Italian-American mafia. Production on The Middle Man is set to begin in early 2014, around the same time Batfleck will suit up!

Now, here’s one bit of superhero news that isn’t tempting the internet to sharpen their pitchforks or light up their torches! Grant Gustin, best known for his role in Glee as the villainous Sebastian Smythe, will play the superhero Flash (also known as Barry Allen) in the second season of the CW’s Arrow! Barry Allen is an assistant forensic investigator who comes to Starling City in order to solve the mystery behind a string of robberies. Allen is a comic book fanboy that is obsessed with the town’s local hero, Arrow, unaware that his co-worker Oliver Queen is actually the vigilante!

Gustin is set to appear in only three episodes, but CW is considering a Flash spinoff if the ratings for his performance are high. Wow, those are some shocking bonuses for this lightning-fast superhero! Gustin will don the neon red tights this upcoming October when Arrow comes back on TV.

Now, if you’re a Marvel kid through and through, then we applaud you for trudging through all the DC. With less than two weeks until Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premieres on ABC, Marvel has finally released its first look at the show! In the newly released preview clip, Agent Phil Coulson attempts to recruit weapons expert Melinda May, but she isn’t budging or looking forward to leaving the comfort of her desk job.

Wow! I never realized how many superheroes there were on TV! Okay, so maybe Affleck isn’t on the small screen, but at least now you’ll have some other entertainment while you wait for Superman vs. Batman.

Featured image courtesy of DC Comics. Video courtesy of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Facebook.