Color-changing camouflage tech for next hunting season

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

color-changing camo
This is an example of how well the clothes are made to blend into the environment.

It’s important to blend in with the environment as a hunter, so the animal doesn’t notice you. As a hunter, this means two sets of camouflage clothing: a brown set for the colder months and a green set for the warmer spring season. However, a new clothing company has found out how to combine the best of both worlds with their color-changing camouflage.

Similar to how a mood ring works, ColorPhase clothes from the company Cabela’s change color depending on the temperature. If it’s below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, the clothing takes on a murky brown-ish color to blend better with bare branches. If the weather becomes relatively warmer, the high-tech jacket takes on a greener hue and blends in with any leaves and bushes more efficiently. According to the company, “ColorPhase is the world’s first camouflage clothing to be printed with rapid-change, temperature-activated dye.” This special dye can also be found in caps, gloves, pants, shirts, and jackets.

Though it is meant to work best with environmental temperatures, a number of other factors affect how the coat changes color, including sunlight, wind, moisture, and body heat.

Images courtesy of Cabela’s.