Copycat Shia LaBeouf angers the public

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Looking a bit too smug there Shia LaBeouf.

Actor Shia LaBeouf has been making some big mistakes with public relations lately. The star apparently plagiarized (copied) a short novel by Daniel Clowes called Justin M. Damiano, stealing his ideas for a short film called Rather than apologizing when confronted with his copycat crime, LaBeouf gave a very shaky and sarcastic series of apologies.

The actor, in a very insincere kind of publicity stunt, hired an airplane to write “I am sorry Daniel Clowes” in the sky above Hollywood. The original author doesn’t even live in Los Angeles! He resides in San Francisco. How’s that for a doozy?

It was already bad enough that the rogue actor couldn’t make gentlemanly peace with Daniel Clowes or his fans. Instead he continued to make sarcastic remarks that intentionally copied other apologies from all over the internet. Then, when LaBeouf couldn’t handle all the negative attention, he claimed to be quitting “all public life” – which seems about as likely as Bieber’s retirement from music. Now, LaBeouf is complaining that he’s “not famous anymore” and people should leave him alone. Well, sorry man, but your clever revenge tweets are having consequences.

All in all, I think we understand what can happen if you copy other people’s work, but what I’m really wondering is whether or not LaBeouf is truly sorry. When hard work is stolen from you, and you do not get credit or money for the effort… it can be at the very least discouraging. Or, in LaBeouf’s copycat case, it can be the beginning of the end of a once respected public career.

Featured image courtesy of Transformers Facebook. Image of Shia LaBeouf courtesy of Georges Biard on Wikipedia