Could dragons exist?

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Any cool story with dragons is sure to be an action-packed and exciting tale of flashing scales, gnashing fangs, and fiery blasts of reptilian rage. How could it not be? Dragons are large, powerful, and dangerous. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention they’re completely imaginary? However, reptile expert Jack Conrad claims that just because dragons don’t exist, doesn’t mean that they aren’t possible! Take the wings for example. Whether bat, bird, or fly, several winged animals exist in the world today. A reptile could easily evolve a pair of wings and take off, just like a dragon! Wings are easy to imagine, but what about fire? Is there some sort of mechanism that would allow the reptiles to shoot a jet of flames out of sharp-toothed jaws? Believe it or not, Conrad would say there is! Different creatures like skunks and snakes can already shoot different types of chemicals and venoms from their bodies, and so an animal could evolve to produce a flammable projectile and light things at whim! Next time someone tries to tell you dragons aren’t real, you can look them in the eye and say, “Not yet…”