Crazy alternate version of Star Wars by George Lucas

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

If finding sticks on the ground and having a lightsaber battle with your friends is your thing, then you’re about to get the best news ever. Dark Horse Comics is set to release an eight-issue mini-series based on the original vision George Lucas had for Star Wars. The issues will be released each month, starting in September until April 2014.

The plot is based on a rough draft of the original screenplay, titled “The Star Wars,” that Lucas wrote in 1974. If you’re wondering what the differences between the screenplays are, then get ready for this crazy news. In these new comics, Darth Vader (he’s the Sith Lord leader of the Dark Side) is a general in the Imperial army, Han Solo is actually a six-foot tall lizard, and Luke Skywalker is an older member of the Jedi. There are also new characters being introduced and weapons that are going to put lightsabers to shame.

The publisher has released a trailer for the event, revealing Lucas’s original ideas for the characters.

Images and video courtesy of Dark Horse Comics.