Creating Your Clubhouse: A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating Your Clubhouse

Clubhouse, the audio-based social platform, has taken the digital world by storm, offering a unique space for discussions and networking. If you’re intrigued by the idea of creating your Clubhouse, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the essential steps, from setting up your club to fostering a thriving community.

Understanding Clubhouse Basics

Before diving into the process, it’s crucial to understand the basics of Clubhouse. The platform operates on an invite-only basis and revolves around audio conversations. Users join rooms to participate in discussions or create their own rooms to host conversations. The app’s simplicity and focus on real-time, voice-driven interactions set it apart from traditional social media.

Create Your Clubhouse Profile

Begin by downloading the Clubhouse app and creating your profile. Choose a profile picture, write a compelling bio that reflects your interests, and connect your Twitter and Instagram accounts if you wish. Your profile serves as your digital identity on Clubhouse, so make it engaging and representative of your personality or the themes you plan to explore in your club.

Niche Identification and Club Concept

In addition, define the niche or theme for your Clubhouse club. Consider your passions, expertise, or areas of interest that align with potential members. Whether it’s business, technology, wellness, or creative pursuits, a clear niche will attract like-minded individuals. Craft a concise and compelling club concept that communicates the purpose and value of your club.

Setting Up Your Club

Once your profile is ready, it’s time to create your Clubhouse club. Tap on the ‘+’ icon on the app’s main screen and select “Start a Club.” Fill in the necessary details, including the club name, description, and rules. Note that starting a club requires a few followers on the platform. Hence, you can either co-found a club with existing members or grow your following organically before starting your club.

Planning Clubhouse Events

Additionally, events are the lifeblood of Clubhouse. Plan engaging and relevant discussions or panels that align with your club’s theme. Leverage the app’s scheduling feature to announce upcoming events, providing potential members with a roadmap of what to expect. Consistency is key, so establish a regular schedule for your Clubhouse activities to build anticipation and loyalty.

Creating Your Clubhouse
            Creating Your Clubhouse

Moderation and Hosting Skills

As a club owner or moderator, mastering the art of hosting is crucial. Ensure discussions flow smoothly, and everyone has an opportunity to participate. Moderate the room effectively by managing speakers, addressing questions, and fostering a positive environment. Moreover, the success of your club hinges on your ability to create engaging and inclusive discussions.

Building and Engaging Your Community

A thriving Clubhouse club is built on an engaged community. Encourage members to actively participate, share their insights, and network with fellow participants. Foster a sense of community by acknowledging contributions, hosting Q&A sessions, and creating spaces for members to connect outside of scheduled events. Thus, consider creating a social media presence for your club to expand its reach.

Promoting Your Clubhouse Club

To grow your club, actively promote it both within and outside the Clubhouse platform. Leverage your existing social media channels to share updates about upcoming events, highlight notable discussions, and invite your followers to join your club. Moreover, collaborate with other clubs or influencers within your niche to cross-promote and broaden your reach.

Utilising Clubhouse Analytics

Clubhouse provides limited analytics, but make the most of what’s available. Monitor the number of participants in your rooms, track audience engagement, and assess the popularity of your events. This data can help you refine your content strategy, understand your audience better, and tailor your approach to meet the evolving needs of your community.


In conclusion, creating your Clubhouse club is a journey of community building, engaging conversations, and digital connection. By understanding the platform’s dynamics, defining your niche, and fostering an inclusive environment, you can create a space where individuals come together to learn, share, and connect. With careful planning, consistent efforts, and a genuine passion for your chosen theme, your Clubhouse club has the potential to become a thriving community in the digital landscape.