Cupcake ATM machine delivers yummies

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

Sprinkles ATM
Swipe your card and collect delicious cupcakes.

We all know eating too many sweets can cause diabetes (a sugar imbalance) and make us obese, leading to a host of problems like high blood pressure, blocked arteries (thick veins), extra cancer risk, and sleep issues. However, if you eat sugary snacks only occasionally, you’ll be fine. And, what better way to satisfy that craving for deliciously evil food, than a cupcake ATM machine from the Sprinkles bakery?

Yes, you heard right. Normally, ATM machines give people money after they insert their bank cards, but this one pops out sprinkle-filled cupcakes for $4.25 a pop. After 10 seconds, your treat awaits in a small door to the right of the touch screen.

What sort of flavors can you choose from? Quite a few! There’s nine flavors total, as you can select from black & white, Cuban coffee, lemon meringue, strawberry, vanilla, vanilla milk chocolate, chocolate coconut, dark chocolate, and red velvet.

Featured image courtesy of Sprinkles. Image of cupcake ATM courtesy of Rachel Kramer Bussel on Flickr.