Cure snake poison with a spray up your nose

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

cobraAs if snakes weren’t scary-looking enough, their poisonous bites take approximately 125,000 lives every year… but that number is sure to go down with a new antivenom spray from the University of California, San Francisco! Antivenom treatments for bite victims already exist in hospitals, but having to drive those extra miles can mean the difference between life and death. Also, traditional antivenoms are very expensive and need to be handled by a specialist. This new snakebite treatment, as an added bonus, is easy to carry around and simple to use. If a person is bitten, just a quick spray into their nose is enough for the medicine to work! The handy antivenom is already being included in emergency kits for researchers who study in snake-infested areas.

Cobra image courtesy of Saleem Hameed via Wikipedia.