Cut sugar intake in half, says World Health Organization

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

soda bottles
Just one soda can send a kid over their daily limit.

If you’re lifting a soda, donut, or delicious cookie to your lips, put it down! The World Health Organization, or WHO, has announced that people need to cut their sugar intake by half, given increased health problems like tooth decay, obesity, and diabetes – a disease where the body is unable to balance sugar levels.

In fact, WHO says an extra 5 percent reduction would be best, and that folks need to avoid overconsumption of less obvious sugar sources like honey, fruit juice, and syrups.

The ideal limit outlined by WHO comes out to roughly 6 teaspoons a day, which is less than a 50g Mars Bar. This push to curb human sugar intake comes at a time when Britain’s chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davis, is suggesting a sugar tax to further discourage people from buying unhealthy products. In fact, did you know that just one can of soda is more sugar than a child should have in a single day? Since sugar isn’t always where you’d expect, be sure to check nutrition labels for how many grams of sugar the food or beverage you’re about to consume has inside.

Featured image courtesy of Editor at Large on Wikimedia. Image of soda bottles courtesy of Elizabeth on Wikimedia.