CW’s Star-Crossed sci-fi romance premieres

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

The human girl, Emery, and the Atrian boy, Roman.

In William Shakespeare’s tragic play, Romeo and Juliet, the characters Romeo and Juliet fall in love, despite the fact they’re from two warring families. The relationship, which ends with their tragic deaths, is described by Shakespeare as “star-crossed” – a phrase that now means a doomed romantic pair. So, it’s no surprise that the relationship between an alien teen and a human high school student in the CW’s new show Star-Crossed is going to cause some drama.

The science-fiction show, which premiered on Monday, February 17, explores a future in which a human-like alien race called the Atrians crash-landed on Earth. When a battle breaks out between mankind and the outer space visitors, a 6-year old Atrian named Roman and a 6-year-old human girl named Emery befriend each other in secret.

10 years later, the Atrians have been rounded up in a separate colony from the humans, until an experimental human/alien mixed high school is created. Emery and Roman, now 16 years old, are surprised to find themselves attending the same school, after being separated for so long.

The pilot episode showed some promise with the character Roman, who burns with intense alien charm. However, like so many other CW shows, whether it’s humans and vampires, humans and werewolves, or humans and aliens, the dominoes are set up with predictable cookie cutter teen angst. Sure, there’s a deeper message about overcoming racism, but for now, it’s mainly cheesy dialogue and scenes that are in a hurry to explain the odd futuristic landscape. Now that the world’s been set up, hopefully the plot gets more interesting.

Images courtesy of the CW.