DC Comics will surprise fans on Batman’s 75th anniversary

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

DC Comics Batman
Are you ready for a legendary remake?

On July 23, 1939, Batman was introduced for the first time ever in Detective Comics issue #27. As the caped crusader’s 75th anniversary approaches, DC Comics will be giving away free copies of that famous issue #27, but as a totally modern remake! Best-selling author Brad Meltzer will join with artist Bryan Hitch in creating the mega-size comic issue, and fans are already drooling for the historic retelling of the original.

A year before the Dark Knight came into being, Superman made his debut in Action Comics #1 on April 18, 1938, capturing the public’s imagination with his godlike power and classic heroic qualities. As you can imagine, Batman’s moody and grim world, in which billionaire Bruce Wayne is forever changed after witnessing his parents’ deaths as a boy, was rather revolutionary. Here was a man without any superpowers, relying only on his wits, martial arts, and gadgetry to take on villains and save Gotham City.

The closest that rival Marvel Comics comes to Batman is Iron Man, with engineer Tony Stark using his money and brilliance to battle the baddies. Although they’ve got the market cornered with The Avengers movies, DC Comics is ready to take back the spotlight with Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice on April 16, 2016.

That the fully mortal Batman actually stands a chance against the mighty Superman just goes to show you that “The World’s Greatest Detective” has earned his 75 years of fame. I mean, part of Batman’s long-lasting charm is that he was dark and gritty way before today’s movies began focusing on edgy heroes.

Images courtesy of DC Comics.