Did bad boy Bieber egg neighbor’s house?

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Bieber and Timbaland
With buddies like Lil Wayne, it’s no wonder Bieber’s up to no good.

On Thursday, January 9, Justin Bieber was accused of egging his neighbor’s house. Before I jump on the bandwagon of shaming the boy because of his past, we might want to ask what did the neighbor have to do with this? Is this just an attempt to profit off the young man? According to TMZ, Bieber is now a suspect in a vandalism investigation, though charges haven’t been filed yet.

Yes, Bieber has a bad boy track record with abandoning monkeys and getting into bar brawls over bowties, but since the accuser released a vague video to the media without even filing a charge, it’s a touch suspicious.

The media seems to love glorifying the accuser, and as time goes on, you’re no longer innocent until proven guilty. You become guilty until proven innocent, and heaven forbid you have a past because you will be the first to be blamed. This is a bigger issue than that of some kid egging a house, even if no one would be surprised to find it was indeed Bieber. That being said, an egg attack is definitely a form of vandalism and can require hours of scrubbing the roof with soap and water, so while it might seem like just a prank, it’s not okay, no matter who’s responsible.

Images courtesy of Justin Bieber Facebook.