Discovery’s Animalist YouTube channel springs into action

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Do you like animals?

This little guy is otter-ly adorable!

Well… that’s a pretty loaded question. How about I narrow it down; there are dogs, cats, cheetahs, lions, and plenty more creatures where that came from! My favorite furry little critter, however, has to be the dog. I know, not terribly original, but hey. There’s nothing cuter than coming home to a tail-wagging menace, jumping up and down for joy when they see you!

Anyways, if you’re like me and can’t afford to travel around the world on wildlife adventures, then you can at least watch all the kooky animal shenanigans on Discovery’s upcoming YouTube channel – Animalist.

And boy, is Discovery really taking animal videos to an entirely new level! You’ll be able to see all kinds of funny felines in their chubby or lean-muscled glory, hilariously adorable pet videos, and really scary wildlife encounters. Pretty much, Discovery wants to fill your home with all the wonderful madness of nature! That way, you can have a one stop shop for informative documentaries about lizards, info on the latest pet products, and wrap the day up with a cute puppy video.

In a recent statement, Sean Atkins – Discovery’s senior VP of digital networks and commerce – said, “The launch of Animalist is another step forward in Discovery’s journey to both ignite audiences’ curiosity and fuel our mission to be the No. 1 nonfiction video and media company on all screens.” The content will be available on YouTube, their official website, Xbox game consoles, and mobile devices.

I just spent around 2 hours on the channel, and let me just tell you right now: it rocks! Never have I ever had more fun learning about vicious creatures and snuggly lions. No, seriously, Discovery is making my head tilt back in laughter while watching “Animals With Self-Esteem Problems,” and various kitty snippets like Colonel Meow. So, if you’re looking for videos that will make you giggle uncontrollably, and teach you important information about animals, then this is the perfect internet channel!

Images courtesy of Discovery Facebook.