Disney and producer Jerry Bruckheimer break up

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Lone Ranger long face
Not even sassy horses could save this movie from being a box office disaster.

On Saturday the Walt Disney Company announced that it would not renew producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s first-look deal, meaning he can no longer call dibs and pick films for Disney to create. Now, if the name doesn’t ring a bell, then maybe Pirates of the Caribbean, National Treasure, and The Lone Ranger can set off a ding! He’s the mastermind that made the full-length features possible.

Before you start freaking out over the highly anticipated fifth movie in the swashbuckling franchise, then don’t worry… Johnny Depp and friends are still hitting the big screen with Bruckheimer’s help!

So, what’s the reason behind the decision? Rumor has it that the embarrassingly low box office numbers The Lone Ranger raked in forced the house of mouse to reevaluate their financial decisions. Bruckheimer, however, debunked the idea quickly. “It’s never about one movie,” he said. “This was something that was coming long before The Lone Ranger was made.” The filmmaker also mentioned Disney’s changing label and their differing ideas was the driving force behind the negotiations.

See, Bruckheimer would rather produce mature films that don’t necessarily fit the “kiddy mold,” while the company preferred going back to basics and focusing on Pixar and Marvel. Hm, there are plenty of mature themes in Toy Story 3… what more does he wants from family-friendly Disney?!

Anyways, there are no hard feelings from either side of the partnership. “Jerry is one of the most respected and prolific producers working in the motion picture industry, and we have had an incredibly successful collaboration over the past two decades and he is a friend to many of us here at Disney,” said Alan Horn, The Walt Disney Studios Chairman. “We will continue to work together in the future, and we look forward to seeing more of the films that have made Jerry Bruckheimer a Hollywood legend.”

Disney’s got that right, we can’t wait to see what he’ll come up with next! Hopefully, it’s got a lot less Lone Ranger, but plenty Johnny Depp.

Featured image courtesy of Angela George on Wikipedia. Image of Tonto and horse courtesy of The Lone Ranger Facebook.