Disneyland measles outbreak spreads

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

The World Health Organization helps kids across the world get measles vaccines.

Disneyland hasn’t exactly been the “happiest place on Earth” lately, because a measles outbreak that began at the California park in December is swiftly spreading.

The highly infectious disease can cause breathing issues, cover your skin in rashes, and weaken your body’s defenses against illness. However, it can usually be prevented by vaccines.

What’s a vaccine?

Well, it’s a weaker version of a virus that lets the body get a head start in developing resistance to the real deal. Since some parents don’t get vaccines for their kids, it can increase the risk of infections for others.

The Disney outbreak has now spread beyond California, with upwards of 100 people infected in eight states, including Mexico. It was linked to exposure at either Disneyland or its neighboring Disney California Adventure Park, and is likely from a person outside of the country. Even though it may have come from beyond America, it wouldn’t have spread so much if more kids were vaccinated.

Featured image courtesy of Disneyland Facebook. Image of vaccinated girl courtesy of Pan American Health Organization.