Disney’s microphone turns finger into speaker

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

The Ishin-Den-Shin. What secrets are making him smile?

Once, when I was in the seventh grade, my teacher caught two of my friends passing a note. Instead of throwing the secret message away in the trash, she read it out to the entire class! Well, with Disney’s new device, passing along secret messages will never be the same again.

The Disney research team created a special microphone called the “Ishin-Den-Shin” – a Japanese phrase that literally translates to “what the mind thinks, the heart transmits.” In English, we would call it telepathy!

When a person speaks into the microphone, their message is recorded and sent into their bodies as a painless electrical signal. Then, when they put their finger on another individual’s earlobe, the signal is transferred into a whisper only they can hear!

It’s almost like you are telepathically talking to them. As the Disney research team mentions on their website, “Secrets, messages and whispers can… be transmitted from person to person in physical contact with [each other]. Bodies become a broadcasting medium for intimate, physical, sound communication.”

Ishin-Den-Shin diagram
The microphone turns your voice into a recording, transmitting it through your finger to a person’s ear where they can hear your message!

Wow, what a clever little gadget! There must be a million different things a person can do with the Ishin-Den-Shin! So, what does Disney have planned for the microphone anyways? Surprisingly, they haven’t mentioned any plans yet. If I got my hands on this baby, I’d trick my little brother into thinking he was telepathic!

Featured image courtesy of Aural Asia on Flickr. Image of Ishin-Den-Shin diagram courtesy of Disney Research.