Disney’s new flick, Moana, set for 2018 release

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Moana image
This concept art offers a glimpse of Moana’s painterly style.

Before we get into Disney’s new flick, can we take a second to squeal over how cute Frozen was? Wow! Idina Menzel’s vocals were stunning, and if I could hit notes that high, then I’d never shut up. Anyways, for months, Disney fanatics have kept their ears perked for any new details surrounding an upcoming film by the name of Moana (pronounced, Mo-AH-na). Well, we’ve finally got some news, and it sounds super imaginative!

The animated tale will revolve around Moana Waialiki, a Polynesian sea voyager, who is the only daughter of the chief. When her family discovers they are in grave danger, she sets off on an epic journey involving demi-gods and spirits taken from real mythology!

If the mythical spirits aren’t enough to reel you in, then maybe this will: two of Disney’s legendary animators, John Musker and Ron Clements, are taking full control. Now, maybe their names don’t ring a bell, but did you know they’re the masterminds behind Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and The Princess and the Frog? Talk about talent. What’s really cool is that Moana will be Musker and Clement’s first computer-animated film!

Initially, there were rumors that they would follow the hand-drawn/computer-animated technique introduced in Disney’s short film Paperman, but Musker debunked it by saying, “it’s far too early to apply the Paperman hybrid technique to a feature. The Meander digital in-betweening interface still has a host of production issues (including color) that need to be perfected.” So, instead, they’ll introduce a new “painterly” style of CGI.

Despite the excitement surrounding Moana, Disney did offer some bad news. The movie’s release date is years away. Literally, it’s not scheduled to come out until 2018. Ugh, I guess that means I’ll have to watch Frozen another 7 times to hold me over until then!

While the super sophisticated art style from Paperman won’t be used, check out its trailer for a glimpse of Disney’s future animation technique:

Images courtesy of Disney.