Disney’s wintry Frozen is heartwarming

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Kristoff rides his trusty reindeer through the dangerous wintry weather.

Disney’s Frozen is totally winning critics and moviegoers over with its charming tale of two princess sisters in the winter-cursed kingdom of Arendelle. Younger sister Anna embarks on a quest to find her older sibling, Queen Elsa, whose frosty magic has accidentally trapped the land in endless winter. As she embarks on her epic journey, Anna is joined by Olaf the talking snowman, as well as mountain man Kristoff and his reindeer.

The story is inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen, which is about a young lady trying to save her friend from an evil snow spirit and a magic mirror. Although Disney once tried bringing this classic to life as a stage musical and then as an animated movie, the dark themes and original writing didn’t fit well into a Disney-esque vision. So, they decided to twist things up by making it about two sisters, with one that’s a more human version of the Snow Queen.

Although the visuals are not quite as wonderfully pleasing to the eye as they were in Tangled, the use of 3D is excellent and it’s the first movie filmed in ultra-widescreen since The Black Cauldron in 1985. Also, this is the first animated Disney film ever directed by a woman, Jennifer Lee, who wrote last year’s very successful Wreck-It-Ralph and also co-wrote Frozen.

Images courtesy of Disney Frozen Facebook.