Disney’s Zendaya says Demi Lovato’s like a big sister

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

It isn’t always easy being a Disney celebrity, especially when you decide you want to do something different! Zendaya Coleman, who’s only 16 years old, already has a hit television show with Disney’s “Shake It Up” and she was even a runner-up on the most recent season of “Dancing With the Stars”.

demilovatoNow, as she moves from Disney stardom to the bigger world of pop music with her upcoming release of the single “Replay” in July, Coleman is taking advice from the popular Demi Lovato. “My advice,” said Lovato, “would just be to not let anything get you jaded. Just really appreciate. Be thankful for everything.” After all, Lovato thinks Coleman is “talented and beautiful”. Having gratitude and staying classy – good tips!

What does Coleman think of Lovato? She finds her “inspiring” and “genuine”. Coleman met Lovato, the singer of “Heart Attack”, who promised the young star that she could call anytime. “She was just saying that she was very supportive of me and she wanted to know if there is anything that I needed or if I needed someone to talk to, because she definitely went through what I’m dealing with… she really did do this. This is what she had to do as well, and it’s nice to have almost a big sister, mentor, someone to talk to because this is not the normal teenage situation. If I was a normal kid, I’d be at school right now, but it’s our normal. It’s nice to know that other people understand.”

It’s always great to have a positive role model that’s older and more experienced, even if they’re not related. Hopefully, as Zendaya Coleman goes through all the ups and downs of fame, she’ll take those lessons to heart. Seeing as how she’s willing to listen to advice, I think it’s safe to say she will!