Do you walk and text at the same time?

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

text phone
If you really have to text while walking somewhere, just stop for a moment to do it. Or, just wait until you reach your destination. The texts won’t instantly melt away, I promise

I remember one time I was walking to class when I got a text. I was running a bit late, so I decided to reply to the message while hurrying to my lecture. Since I was looking down at my phone, I didn’t notice the street sign directly in front of me. I’m not proud of what happened next. I crashed into the pole! Lucky for me, I only hit the tip of my shoulder, but a new study of emergency rooms shows that more people are getting hurt really badly because they are walking and texting.

How many more people do you ask? According to the study, the amount of people who get hurt while texting has gone up by 600 percent! And they aren’t just brushes on the shoulder either. There were a bunch of injuries that included dislocated body parts, concussions, and even comas!

Dr. Rahul Sharma from NYU Medical Center says that walking and texting at the same time is becoming a dangerous epidemic. He mentioned he had a patient who got hit by a car because she was so absorbed in her phone. That’s crazy, but it is not the craziest story. One woman fell down a 25 foot-deep manhole while she was texting. Another man was so into his messaging, he didn’t notice a full-grown bear heading his way! A lady had to be rescued by the coast guard after she accidentally walked off a pier.

It’s easy to walk and text at the same time, but it can obviously be very dangerous! What’s the best thing to do if you have to text? Well, the best thing to do is to stop walking and texting! If you absolutely have to text while you are on the street, be sure to pull of to the side of the road before you even glance at your message!