Doctor Who 50th anniversary brought 3 Doctors together

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Doctor Who 50th anniversary
Is there a Doctor in the house?

Doctor Who celebrated its 50th anniversary in style, with a special episode that brought back David Tennant and John Hurt to join forces with the current Doctor, Matt Smith. Tom Baker made a cameo, as did Peter Capaldi, the actor who will take Smith’s place as the next Doctor. Steven Moffat, the show’s boss, said, “It’s the most ambitious episode we’ve ever done.”

Moffat first began taking risks with the show when he toyed with the idea in 2005 that the Doctor was the “last of the Time Lords” because he’d actually stopped the “Great Time War” by killing his own kind. In the 75-minute anniversary episode, his two future versions help him try to come to terms with that decision.

After the show finished, Smith said, “I think what’s really clever about it is that what he [Moffat] has managed to do is change the mythology of the character – which, after 50 years, is an achievement.” The episode was shown in over 1,500 cinemas in 94 countries, drawing together hundreds of fans who went dressed in bow ties or wacky Dalek costumes. At London’s ExCel event on Friday, Moffat, Smith, and Jenna Coleman (who plays Clara Oswald in Doctor Who) attended the official Doctor Who anniversary celebration, a 3-day event that attracts 8,000 fans a day.

Images courtesy of Doctor Who Facebook.