Dubai’s eye-scanning drones deliver secret packages

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Dubai's drones
Apparently, it can safely navigate indoors!

Officials from Dubai have announced that they will release drones to deliver official government documents within a year. Since the packages may contain private information, each unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) will come equipped with eyeball and fingerprint scanners.

The white drone is about 1-2 feet long and has four large rotors (propellers) arranged in a square at the top. There is also a small space for cargo where government documents will ride for the flight. For the first 6 months, officials plan to test the battery-powered aircraft to see how well it can be controlled in Dubai’s tough climate. Some of the conditions they need to fly through include harsh sandstorms and temperatures that can reach 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

The drones will be used initially to deliver government documents such as identification cards, permits, and driver’s licenses, as well as medicine. Eventually, they will be used all over the country. This awesome device reminds me of Amazon’s delivery drones!

Images courtesy of Dubai Media Office.