Ender’s Game pits boy genius against alien army

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Ender's Game aliens
The fate of the human race and its survival against a superior alien army is… in the hands of a young boy? Talk about pressure!

Few science-fiction authors are as widely-read and well-respected as the legendary Orson Scott Card.

His epic military space novel, Ender’s Game, first came out in 1985, with a somewhat controversial focus on training kids from an early age to be strategic fighters. It’s now being released as a movie on November 1, and if the trailers are anything to go by, it looks incredible!

The novel takes place in a future where mankind has barely survived two alien battles with an insectoid race called the Formics. As they prepare for a third battle, humanity begins raising children in an international military academy. Ender Wiggin, the main character, learns the art of war at the Battle School, quickly gaining attention for his genius.

The human leaders start giving him harder and harder games to play, testing his brilliant battle strategies against tough computer opponents. Without spoiling anything, there’s a huge twist at the end that will totally blow your mind, when Ender learns just what kind of game he was really playing!

If the movie does well, there will be plenty of material to make more. The Ender’s Game series spans 12 novels, 12 short stories, and 47 comic issues. Whoa! They’re no slouches, either, since Ender’s Game and its sequel Speaker for the Dead have won Hugo and Nebula Awards, which recognize the best works of science-fiction and fantasy.

I’m very excited to watch this boy genius match his wits against alien invaders in a couple weeks, especially since the movie has the star power of Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley behind it!

Images courtesy of Ender’s Game on YouTube.